VersaCourt Shuffleboard S6 Single Court DIY Kit


6’3″W x 47’7″L

Width: 6’3″
Length: 47’7″
Sq. Ft: 297
Tiles: 400
Ramps: 130
Min. Base Dimensions: 6’5″ x 47’9″

Design Your Court


Outdoor Game Tile Benefits

VersaCourt shuffleboard courts are a cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to traditional stained concrete courts. Our courts can be placed directly onto nearly any solid, flat surface including driveways, patios, and decks. They are not only a great aesthetic addition to your property, but they provide a perfect disc glide for competitive play.

  • Superior Grip
  • Suspended Surface
  • Up to 50% Cooler
  • Protection For Athletes
  • Safe, Shock Absorbing Design
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Attractive Appearance