Save Money with Artificial Grass Remnants

By investing in artificial grass remnants, you can expect to save up to 50% on retail prices. Because remnants are individual pieces, they often sell out fast. Hurry today and save big on artificial grass remnants while supplies last! All our remnants are in-store pickup only and are not available for shipping. Select each store below to see their available inventory.

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When artificial grass is cut and shaped to meet our customers’ needs usable portions of the artificial grass are often leftover. These leftover portions are known as artificial grass remnants and can be used for a variety of applications. These remnants are perfect for pet areas, rugs, mud room mats, and other indoor and outdoor applications.

Artificial Remnants Use Cases

Many customers have discovered the endless possibilities and use cases for artificial grass remnants. Because our remnants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, several creative DIY projects can be done with minimal effort. For example, some customers have used remnants to create artistic pieces such as wall art, coasters, and chess boards. Others have used remnants as doormats, shoe trays, pet mats, and table runners. For larger remnant pieces customers have created mini putting areas, gym areas, mini soccer fields, roof/deck applications, and event centerpieces. What amazing project will you create?

More About Remnants

Artificial grass remnants can be purchased online or in-store. It’s also important to note that there is a more extensive selection of remnants if you visit the store, so if you don’t find a remnant that suits your needs come pay us a visit at a local Purchase Green store. Additionally, remnants that are ordered online must be picked up at the store location that sold them; we do not ship remnants. Remnants are sold as is and do not come with a product warranty. Remnant widths are limited to 15′ wide and 13.1′ wide, depending on the product type. For more information about remnants contact your local purchase green store location.

Why Choose Purchase Green?

Our goal is to be the premier provider of artificial grass solutions for contractors and residents seeking to redefine living spaces and landscapes. Purchase Green not only offers several types of artificial turf, including artificial turf for golf and yards, but also indoor and outdoor flooring solutions such as VersaCourt, Swissstrax, and artificial ivy. As North America’s largest artificial grass landscape and leisure supplier our artificial grass products surpass expectations and faithfully serve the customers who choose to invest in them. By relying on our vertically integrated supply chain, we can keep the cost of our products comparatively low compared to other synthetic turf companies. Purchase Green has over 40+ national locations that are fully stocked and equipped to meet the artificial grass needs of our consumers.