Turf Broom



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The Turf Broom is an excellent tool for the maintenance and care of artificial grass. It is the perfect solution for the periodic maintenance of smaller artificial grass installations. It is used to brush up your artificial grass fibers after initial installation, after heavy usage (to remove any traffic wear patterns) and as an occasional maintenance tool for “freshening up” your artificial grass installation.

The Turf Broom’s long nylon tines reach deep into the fibers of any type of artificial grass to pull the blades upright and rejuvenate those hard-to reach spots. Using short strokes over the area, the Turf Broom quickly works any type of infill material in between the blades.

The collapsible Turf Broom features an 18″ broom head and a variable handle length of 27″ to 48″. The Turf Broom is the ideal tool for grooming artificial grass.