Ratchet Tie Downs

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Ratchet Tie Downs


Purchase Green's Ratchet Tie Downs are perfect for securing rolls of artificial grass on trailers, in truck beds or even on turf trolleys. Our Ratchet Tie Downs boast a 2,115 lb breaking strength, a 705 lb working load limit and feature vinyl-coated steel hooks. Each set includes two Ratchet Tie Downs, each of which measure 16.4 feet long, 1.4 inches wide and 0.2 inches thick. Our Ratchet Tie Downs are bright orange to ensure high visibility. 


Improper use of this product could result in serious personal injury and/or property damage.

1. OVERLOADING AND OVER-STRETCHING: Do not use if strap cannot easily reach the ratchet slot. Do no use ratchet past safe limits. Stress on anchor points is increased many time as strap reaches its maximum stretch limit, possibly resulting in ratchet failure and dangerous rebound. 

2. WIDELY VARYING LOAD PRESSURES: DO not use with shifting loads or great variations in load weight as may be present in top heavy or lengthy items, particularly where movement cause extensive swaying or pendulum motion - e.g., carrying an extended load in a fast turning or swerving vehicle. 

3. AIR FOIL TYPE LOAD: Do not use with items that could be affected by the wind, e.g., large sections of plywood, theater flats, etc. The pressure created when hauling such a load can be unpredictable. 

4: USE GOOD JUDGEMENT: Do not secure straps across sharp, serrated or pointed edges. Never use an old or fraying strap.