Artificial Grass Seam Glue, 5 Gallons

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Quality artificial grass installations are properly seamed and a proper seam requires a quality seaming glue. Purchase Green's artificial grass seam glue is a moisture curing, one-component, polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for synthetic grass installations and applications.

This is a popular item for those who are doing artificial grass installation diy and or professionals performing artificial grass installation.

Benefits to using the product are:

  • Non-foaming
  • Non-flamable (400 degree F flash point)
  • Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly.
  • Moisture-cured
  • Sprayable
  • 5 to 10 minute set time
  • Ship via common carrier

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Coverage: A QT will cover 13 LF of seaming using a 12" wide tape; a Gallon will cover 50 LF of seaming using 12" wide tape; a 5 Gallon pail will cover 250 LF of seaming using 12" wide tape.

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