Wonder Edge for Artificial Grass Installation

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How To Straighten Artificial Grass? Use Our Wonder Edge

Wonder Edge is an above-grade perimeter frame specifically designed for artificial grass. It is used in lieu of your typical artificial grass landscaping bend-a-board to separate your lawn area from planter areas and/or areas where you have no natural restraint such as a sidewalk, patio, driveway, or walkway. It is made from post consumable recycled materials. It comes in 8' pieces. When compared to traditional artificial grass landscaping bend-a-boards it is less expensive, easier to install, comes with a longer warranty, and because it is specifically designed for artificial grass - simply performs its primary function better. Artificial grass contractors can save time & money. Homeowners and those who want to do artificial grass installation DIY can achieve the look of a professional synthetic grass installation without the cost. Each piece is 8 feet long. This is a top performance base material for artificial turf installation.

These characteristics make our Wonder Edge for synthetic grass installation an excellent choice.

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