Zeolite Artificial Turf Infill

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Zeolite Turf Infill

One of the best artificial turf infill for pets, Purchase Green's Zeolite turf infill is a natural, organic artificial grass infill product that significantly reduces pet urine odors. It is specifically designed for pet applications and can be used in artificial turf, playgrounds and pet areas. This product is a natural way to provide pet odor removal from artificial grass. It's federally classified as safe and does not contain crystalline silica.

So how does it work? Zeolites are natural, inert, non-toxic substances approved as an absorbent for spills in food processing facilities and complies with federal and state environmental requirements. Purchase Green's Zeo-N-Fill product contains 98% pure Zeolite. Zeolite captures the ammonia thus preventing the ammonia from turning into a gas which creates the unpleasant urine odor smell. Zeolite is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs liquids and gases like a magnet which prevents ammonia from forming a gas. (The ammonia buildup in pet urine is what you typically associate with the smell.) This molecular structure holds the ammonia until the sodium ions (Na+) in rain water releases the magnetic ability which forces the odor causing bacteria into the ground ultimately "flushing out" the ammonia smell. The purity rate is the key component in the ability of the Zeolite turf infill to perform its intended function as an artificial grass infill.

Along with serving as a necessary infill element in your synthetic grass, Zeolite turf infill also cools your synthetic turf surface temperature. When you finish your synthetic grass with Zeolite turf infill, it absorbs heat from the available sunlight. It condenses the sunlight and through evaporation of the water along with transpiration from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere, the result is a cooler surface temperature.

This product comes in 50 lb bags.

Click here for Zeolite MSDS Sheet!

It can be used for:

  • artificial pet grass
  • pet odor removal from artificial grass
  • eliminate pet urine artificial grass
  • neutralize dog urine in artificial grass
  • turf deodorizer

These characteristics make Zeolite Infill For Synthetic Lawns an excellent choice for those looking to maintain artificial pet grass.

When you're looking for where to buy artificial grass accessories such as Zeolite Turf Infill for artificial pet grass, Purchase Green is your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.