5 Inch Nails - 25 lb box for Artificial Turf Grass Installation

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5 Inch Nails for Artificial Turf Grass Installation

Our 5", 40DD, 4GA bright common nails perfect to secure the synthetic sports turf fields during an artificial grass installation. They are typically installed every 2' to 3' on center and every 6" along the perimeter of you are not using our perimeter Bend-A-Board. Nails can be purchased in increments of 50lb box, 25 lb box, and 10 lb box. There are approximately 850 nails in a 50 lb box, 425 nails in a 25 lb box, and 170 nails in a 10 lb box.

Purchase Green works to be a pricing leader in the industry. These exact same nails are sold in Home Depot for $46.99 for a 50lb box, as you can see you'll get great savings purchasing them from us. These characteristics make our 5 Inch Nails in a 10 lb box for artificial grass installation an excellent choice for synthetic turf, artificial grass playgrounds, an artificial grass soccer field, an artificial grass football field, artificial grass for play area and artificial grass for schools.

When you're looking for where to buy artificial grass accessories such as 5 Inch Nails in a 25 lb box for artificial grass installation, Purchase Green is your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.